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6 Tips for Inspiring and Influencing Staff
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CEO, TrinityOne, Inc
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Successful Storytelling: How Communication Builds Connection
Cara Cannella 4 min read
Setting Up for Success: How to Get What You Want by Asking
Cara Cannella 5 min read
5 Tips for Driving Culture in Your Business
Alexandra Levit 3 min read

Many get caught up with the word “brand” and believe it’s this colossal term reserved for corporate powerhouses. The reality is that every company—and in this day of social media, most individuals—can benefit from establishing what their brand equals.

From prehistoric times, the deceased was accompanied by ordinary objects placed either in the coffin or in the grave itself, the most common of which were drinking cups, pitchers, cups or vessels for solid food, weapons, tools and ornaments, and jewelry. Ancient Chinese collections of funerary objects of high quality have been exhumed, but the most complete outfitting of the dead was that of the Egyptian tombs, which is completed by scenes painted or carved on the interior walls of the rooms of the tomb. Funeral models of houses, wells, farms, herds, and armies were used in the Han (206 bce –220 ce ), (618–907), and (1368–1644) periods of China as well as in ancient Egypt. Figurines representing the deceased were included among Egyptian funerary objects, along with figurines representing his retinue; in China the retinue figurines included dancers, musicians, and soldiers ( mingqi ). The models were probably substitutes for the servants who formerly had been sacrificed in the royal tomb. For a long time the Chinese figurines were made of ceramic decorated in many colours, but in more recent periods (i.e., after the revolution of 1911 and during the 19th century) they were straw effigies.

Ming burial figurines

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Rachel Swan covers transportation for The Chronicle. She joined the paper in 2015 and has also reported on politics in Oakland and San Francisco.

Previously, Rachel held staff positions at the SF Weekly and the East Bay Express, where she covered technology, law and the arts. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley.

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